Leading Warehouse Management Software Company Malaysia

The logistics industry in Malaysia, as how it is globally, is characterized by its fast-paced, precise and ever dynamic nature. As companies within the industry continually evolve, it is no surprise that their Information Technology (IT) systems need to become more sophisticated to meet the changing demands of their businesses too.

When it comes to developing web-based logistics software for leading industry pioneers in Malaysia, over 150 clients have made the choice to look to ProdigyNet Solutions Sdn Bhd (738704-P). With over 10 years of experience in providing tailored logistics software, warehouse management software and system as well as being the first locally established company dedicated to developing web based logistics software, Prodigynet lives with our mission to deliver superior financial returns to our clients through our cost-effective and high value added business model.

Companies are increasingly relying on cloud-based solutions because they are low-cost and provide the highly level of flexibility required by the crew on the ground as well as the management of the company. Our solutions improve transparency of the processes and operations of our clients and provide timely information for mission-critical processes, while at the same time, vastly reducing administrative resources and financial investment by the company.

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