Warehouse Management Software Module

There are plentiful warehouse management systems out in the market but your company needs one that is highly customized and integrated for your warehouse and company’s operations. Within the Prodigy warehouse management system, essential vital features like real-time inventory management, customer inventory process management, detailed management reports can all be easily accessed so that deployment can be achieved in a rapid and hassle-free manner.

ProdigyWMS Modules:

Management Module
Prodigy Warehouse Management System can play an important role in setting up a systematic and uniform warehouse, and managing the warehouse inventory in a more efficient manner. The module allows the user to manage listing locations of the package in the warehouse, type packages involved and also the companies. Furthermore, the module able to generate details listing for needs of the user
Customer Inventory module
This particular module is essential to the system as it handles the setup of the product, inbound and outbound operations of the product and also details inventory listing of the product. This module is also capable of generating and printing of inbound and outbound tally sheet, pallet labeling, and delivery order. Another noted function is the ability to track the product expiry date based on FIFO (First In, First Out) manner
Management Reports
Simple and precise of details reports on inventory and product conditions can be generated by the system as well. These reports allow user to help monitor the warehouse management operation. Among reports that can be generated for management included are Inventory Level Statistics report, graphical representation report like pie chart and bar chart, Product FIFO report (based on Expiry date & inbound date), Stock In Transit report and Product Listing report
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