Haulage Management Software Module

If you want to stay on top of your business’s game as far as having your haulage processes or supply chain process all steady and precise, then the Prodigy Hauler Management System (ProdigyHMS) are essential software that your company can implement in your haulage processes or supply chain processes.

Prodigy has coupled many key features and specifications to ensure that companies are constantly aware of fleet status, fleet management requirements, drivers’ performance management as well as other job planning tools to ensure that these modules are robust and wide-covering enough to handle the demands of a company operations that involves a high haulage frequency.

ProdigyHMS Modules:

Equipment Maintenance
• Truck Availability – deployment of trucks can be swift and efficient with definitive and real-time information about truck availability and status as well as equipment needs and schedules
• Road tax / Insurance Alert – ensure prompt payments of road taxes and insurance dues with timely alert functions so your company’s management can focuses on revenue generation
• Inspection Alert – if you fleet is your company’s lifeblood, then you want to ensure your fleet is in prime standards to handle the extensive haulage requirements since managing equipment downtimes can be as important in ensuring seamless operations
Driver Management
• Commission Calculation – ProdigyHMS allows management and finance integration capabilities in the areas of Human Resource Management (HRM) especially with our suite of partners
• Driver Performance – performance management and appraisals is integrated into this module so your company’s management is constantly aware of the high performers as well as potential red flags so that early intervention can be initiated
Planner Management
• Job Management – manage all active and closed jobs at one sight so your operation flow and processes remain timely and fulfill the expectations of your end users
• Route Management – delivery standards and timing hinges on effective route management so with this specification, haulage routes are always manage well with minimal operations hiccups and avoidance of other slipups
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