Strong Technology Backing
Our web systems are built on top of leading legacy Microsoft platforms and they provide our clients with high level of assurance and reliability given the systematic upgrades that Microsoft platforms undertake. Futhermore, Prodigynet operates our own R&D centres to stay ahead of our industry peers
Specialist in Cloud Solutions for Logistics Industry
Having invested over 10 years in developing web-based solutions for our clients as the industry first-mover, we are deeply in-tuned with our clients’ needs and expectations. We deliver cloud ready solutions that are accessible anytime and anywhere around the globe with Explorer 5.5, FireFox 1.1 and it supports EDI messaging. This way, your company’s management can stay atop the business and yet not be restrained by the high capital investments traditionally associated with IT software development and application.
High Afforfability with Full Integration Capabilities
We are a leading solutions partner for many of our clients given the high level of affordability we provide for our clients in our given product category. To ensure our clients’ needs are constantly being met, we are also one of the few solutions that are fully operated from a web-based interface with full integration capabilities
Full Suite of Modules for Business Expansion
When our clients require supplementary modules to support their business expansion, we support them with ready modules (like freight holding modules) to be deployed with record turnaround times
Real-time Data Back-up Features
Data back up and security are mission-critical concerns for many corporations and any compromise in data management means huge expenses in terms of recovery costs. At iLogiSoft, our clients’ data are securely hosted in Google Cloud Servers located in our US and European data centres that have prevented incidences of downtime for our clients
Dedication towards Customer Satisfaction
With a record 98% renewal rate, our clients find tremendous trust and ease in working with iLogiSoft and our account managers. We believe hugely in delivering great experiences for our customers and will go the distance to ensure that they are satisfied with the iLogiSoft experience
Technological Investment with Low Upfront Costs and High ROI
Companies usually hesitate in terms of installing IT systems with the traditionally high costs that’s associated with significant capital expenditure that also poses a huge challenge in terms of cash flow management. However at iLogiSoft, we provide attractive software rental packages so our clients can avoid high expenses on upfront capital expenditure, server costs as well as investment in Hard Disk Drives (HDD)
Strategic Alliances with Leading Industry Partners
To provide further value and convenience for our clients, iLogiSoft also boasts key strategic alliances with leading industry partners like BSmart (for GPS enabled tracking solutions), Sistem Maklumat Kastam (SMK) for efficient customs clearance, Auto Count (a leading accounting solution provider) etc
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